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What Every Brand Owner Should Know About Knowledge Bases

Knowledge management is something that tends to get overlooked when talking about the success of a business. People tend to focus on brand awareness, the number of sales, and other criteria.

However, if a brand fails to create a solid knowledge base, then they stand to miss out on a lot of businesses. If you have not had a chance to really think about this particular aspect of your strategy, you will reevaluate your choices after reading this article. The advantages mentioned below should be more than enough to convince you to in...

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Best Small Business Branding Ideas For 2019

Branding is essential for all businesses. Branding is not just delivering products. Some of the best branding ideas help your business create experiences and build connections with customers which is much more than the product or service you offer. People come to your brand not for the product but for the experience. That is the real essence of branding. Everything your brand identity is related with will have an effect on your brand. This can be as big as the logo design or as subtle as the choice of colors you pick for the next billbo...

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Tips, Rules and Ideas for Creating Logos for a Business

A logo is an integral part of the branding of a business. A logo which is made up of various elements of design and carries the name of your business forms the basis for all the other stuff like stationery, packaging and promotional messages. Your logo should thus reflect the true identity of your brand and be able to tell people what your business stands for. The creation of a good logo may seem to be a simple exercise but thought-provoking and great logo designs require a deep understanding of the company vision and persona, sound kno...

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Benefits of a Strong Brand Identity

In this highly competitive world of business, it’s important to have a strong brand identity in the market that separates you from others. A strong brand gives your business a different personality and builds a better presence in the market to attract customers.

What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is defined as the collection of all elements of a brand such as color, design, logo, typography, shape, website and product packaging. These brand identity elements together portray the right image of the company to the...

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How to Build a Strong Brand Identity

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” This adage is very true with regard to brand identity as well. What is a strong brand identity? As the adage indicates, it is how others perceive you, the identity or image you convey to the minds of people when they hear the name of your organization. A common pitfall that many fall into when considering how to build a strong brand identity is to believe that they know how their business is perceived. They try to see things from their own perspective, forgetting that a strong brand...

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