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What are Toxic Backlinks and What to Do With Them?

Many SEO professionals use link building as a technique to improve their website ranking on Google. According to a 2020 link building statistic, 74% of SEO professionals reported spending $2500 or less on their average link building strategies.

Backlinks are links generated from one website page to another website. Google considers backlinks as a vote of confidence. The more backlinks you have on your website, the more likely you will rank for that keyword on Google.

Backlinks have also become one of the most mis...

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Digital Marketing in 2020: Main Secrets

In a digital age where more and more businesses are turning to online commerce, a good social media campaignor paid ad strategy that worked effectively in 2019 may fail to work in 2020.

Business owners and marketers need the right techniques in place to sail through this time. Digital platforms provide a connection between marketers and audiences. It has to be utilized properly. Below are digital marketing secrets you might need to use in 2020.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Have you ever thought of grabbing some headphon...

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Top 8 Digital Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Website

The scenario has changed a lot now!! Almost all marketing activities are conducted online. It has become complicated to find out the approx percentage of those who are using digital marketing to manage their online business.

Online retailers or eCommerce businesses should take advantage of the best digital marketing strategies to grow and promote their business. And, also, they are streamlining all of their days to day activities and allowing the customers or shoppers to shop anywhere and anytime. As it is a digital business, so,...

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How Using Instagram Comments Increase Quality Engagement On Your Page

Times continue to change in the world of social media. In the early days, businesses encouraged customers to leave comments on their pages to get more recognition and build brand awareness. Now, there are newer and more exciting social media marketing campaigns.

These days, top brands are dropping comments themselves on other brands’ posts. This practice gives them that much needed exposure. Also, saying something funny in the comments can be a reason for laughs, but it also happens to be an effective strategy towards growi...

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Growing significance of Hyperlocal Marketing Strategies

When you catch your customers right where they are, and in their neighborhoods, it is known as hyperlocal marketing!

How often do you make “nearby” searches?

Every time you make one, Google brings you the most relevant results showing not only the locations but also the reviews and ratings. Whenever you search to go to the nearby salon or lookup for the nearest bookstore, you conduct a hyperlocal search.

Often the businesses target people in the highly specific and limited geographical area for showing...

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