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The Benefits of Mixing Offline and Online Marketing

For any business, a marketing strategy can either make or break your chances of success. Any company, from the fledgling startup to the well-established big brand, knows just how essential picking the right strategy is. With improvements in technology and a quickly growing online culture, for the past few years many businesses have started investing more in digital marketing.

As technology improves, so too do the techniques we use in online marketing change. In a previous post on the blog, we talked about 'The Rising Popularity o...

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Is it Time to Rewire your Sales Prospecting Techniques?

Businesses are all about creating value for your buyers and deriving profits in the process. It is a win-win situation that leads to sustenance and growth. We hear a lot about the pace of development around the speed at which businesses are getting transformed around the world. This is no hype but at the same time, the basics still remain unchanged. You are still looking at more buyers and revenue to fund your effort. You are still looking at more sales!

So, if you agree to the above, and before we actually take you through some ...

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Types of Target Markets and Audiences

A famous saying in marketing goes, if you are selling it to everyone then you will end up reaching nobody.

This is so true!

You do not sell to everyone. There is always a target audience whom you wish your product to be directed at. Even if we come to think of it economically, it is not sustainable. You cannot cater to all. Especially in times when the competition is so hard, most businesses and startups, in particular, have to struggle to carve out a place for themselves. Breaking-even takes time. In such pressing circums...

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Why Brands are Using Micro Influencers to Promote their Products

Microinfluencer Marketing is a rising trend in the digital marketing space. Over the last few years, it has carved out a special place for itself in the minds of marketers, ecommerce marketing agencies and brands at large.There is a huge amount of significance associated with the right endorsements for brands. The big brands find it easy to sign up famous personalities or celebs to promote their products but it is the small ones which are compelled to be more creative and find micro-influencers to carry their message to the right audien...

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Marketing Strategies to Boom in 2019

Internet marketing is all set to undergo a tremendous change in 2019. It will completely change the way the businesses have been handling their marketing strategy and technique. The technological onslaught has redefined the whole marketing ecosystem. The expectations of customers have also changed as everyone not only wants the best product at the most competitive price but are not even ready to wait. There is no room for lags as there are many options available. 2019 will be a signature year in terms of marketing as businesses will hav...

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