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4 Effective Marketing Strategies for a B2B Business Model

Technology has significantly improved how various business operations are run, and marketing has not been an exemption. Today, businesses can collect, organise, and personalise marketing data faster and more efficiently. This is attributed to the fact that more customers have access to digital devices, data-driven exposure to the right marketing content, and unlimited access to information. Unfortunately, over 60% of digital marketers maintain that generating leads, and traffic is still the biggest hurdle one would have to face within t...

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7 Best Photo Organizing Software Programs

Photos are the pictorial representation of each memory that you relive every time you face it. So it is necessary to ensure that such images are stored in proper software. Photo organizing software aims at storing and managing those memories in your device forever. In addition to that, photo editing is also a critical factor in such software.

If you are searching for Picture organizing software, opt for a photo management program for windows and Mac that saves your raw files no matter what size it is—tired of poorly labele...

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How Shopify is Gaining Business Out of Covid

When global retail sales are expected to dip by 5.7% in COVID-19 pandemic, online purchases of clothes go up by 76.7%, groceries spiked to 146%, and increased by 9%.

Shopify earnings, revenue, and gross merchandise volume is crushing the estimates amidst the coronavirus pandemic. According to the June-quarter analysis, Shopify stocks popped up while the brick-and-mortar businesses pivoted online during the pandemic. However, Shopify declines to provide any guidance to e-commerce software providers and other platforms.


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Are Influencers Still Relevant, And How Do I See The Greatest Impact Through Collaboration?

Influencer marketing has always been a topic that all have an opinion on, but what seems to be lacking is an understanding over what it actually entails and the measurable impact it can have on a business when the collaboration is a seamless brand fit. If you can’t get past what you believe to be dumb luck and good genetics that have rewarded these influencers their huge followings and successful business model, then let’s shed some light (and by that we mean a halo light ring) on why influencers are a still a critical part ...

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5 Hacks to Increase Conversion Rate of Landing Page

Are you a digital marketer?

Have you tried all the proven methods for a landing page?

But still, the conversion rate is not ticking up?

You know, you must aim for the average landing page conversion rate that is 9.7%. So if you aren’t getting something around that, you’ve got work to do.

Creating a high-conversion landing page can be frustrating but still a rewarding task for a marketer. If you’re just looking to increase the conversion rate of your landing page, there are too many variable...

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